Requests & Tasks

As a project manager software is important to register and track all the requests and transformed tasks. Everything about reporting and dashboards, prediction models or automation control.

A Data Office Portal

It's important to many organizations to have the continuous support of a data office to manage and transform the currently reporting and business control. Besides all Dataflow modules, Dataflow plataform includes: 


           An open communication channel with a Data Office

           Requests registration by any allowed employee


           Importance, start/end date and owner by each task


           Ability to create projects for more than one company

Customer Complete Report

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Direct Communication

Requests & Tasks

With customer management and project management personalization, the foundation of this feature is in the need of organizations to have a direct way to allow, in a centralized or descentralized way, any of their employees to register the insights or new informations requests and at same time having the transparency and accountability of this work with the importance level, start/end date and owner by each assigned task.

A permanent communication channel between any organization and a data office, like Yourdata.

Automatic notifiatins by Email or SMS or Whatsapp
Access to your Dashboards and info from anywhere

Dataflow is a flexible platform that allows organizations teams make requests online and have the support of any data science services provider that support their activity as a Business Process Outsourcing business model. For this cases Dataflow, after the data centralization, is already a ready to work product in which lives the possibility to access to data analysis, activity control and reporting capabilities given by Yourdata or other key partner.

Alternatively, after a complete setup, Dataflow may evolve as a Business Process as a Service platform to give all the autonomy and independence each business need.

Requests & Tasks

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