External Data

External sources of data have two goals. Give more descriptive information for business actions and maximize the power of Artificial Intelligence applied to data, combined with internal databases.  

There Is No Limit In AI

An AI database can source data from multiple sources to explain data changes. Dozens, hundreds, or thousands of internal and external sources of data, like:


                Each business sector indicators

                Wheather (historical and previsions)



                Trends on news

                Fuels prices

Daaflow External Databases Module

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External Data

External databases are useful to maximize the power of historical internal data that exist in each organization. Decisions, like suggested products based in the weather in each geography or the stock prediction to face a summer season based in the flights that arrive to the nearest airport are only possible with the access to updated external data.

Fuel prices uptaded everyday are important to a transportation company or a commercial company with a car fleet. A transfer companie wants to see the estimated arrival time for a flight code. All this kind of information and knowledge access in an efficient way is only possible with the implementation of a workflow to decision-making, integrated with this kind of external databases. 

External Data

Day-to-day Decisions

Based In External Data

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