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Dataflow is a data analysis suite that, with centralized scattered and normalized data, enables descriptive, predictive analytics with external databases and automation features, such as management notifications by email or SMS –  all in one single data flow.

Data Centralization
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Centralized Data

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Data Visualization

External Data

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A Layer Between 

Data And Insights


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A data integration layer, in which data is normalized and serves as the basis for interaction with the best data mining and advanced statistics and machine learning techniques. Non-obvious knowledge and new insights of high strategic value is, in this way, added and converted into an intuitive graphical representation through the implementation of Business Intelligence features.

We may complement this with customized Business Intelligence where personalized dashboards based on key indicators for each market, company and business model are created. This allows for a high degree of autonomy in the production of reports and view choices (self-service BI). It's compatible with automation features and has the possibility to access to our Data Office with extra data analysis, activity control and reporting capabilities.

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Get the better from each cloud. Avoid Lock-in.

A Platform

From BPO To BPaas.


Dataflow is an agnostic platform, preventing lock-in, that may be used in many industries, from retail to financial services companies. Works and connects with the best technology of each top cloud provider or the technology each organization prefer. IBM, AWS, Microsoft or Google, are some examples.

Dataflow is a flexible platform that allows your teams make requests online and have our support as a Business Process Outsourcing business model or, after setup, give all the autonomy and independence your business need, in a Business Process as a Service platform.