Data Visualization

Data analytics and descriptive and predictive knowledge, obtained through a data flow that adds the capability to successfully include best data mining, algorithm and advanced statistics techniques, providing a simplified representation through intuitive graphics and images.

Embedded Dashboards and Visualizations

Custom-designed dashboards with all the potential of Business Intelligence platforms and the possibility to embeded visualizations, with option to:


                Share with 3rd parties




                Multi-sources and cross-platform 



Dataflow Data Visualization Module
IBM Watson Cloud

We Work With

AWS cloud
Microsoft Azure Cloud
Google Cloud
Microsoft Power BI
Tableau Software
Qlikview and Qliksense
Tableausoftware graph example

Faster Reporting

Data Visualization

We independently create analyses which attend to your specific needs and, thereby, provide you with a new capability for connecting your data and have a faster way to create new reports or analysis. In addition, dashboards can easily be adapted with drag & drop. So the self-service features provide a greater level of flexibility and interactivity when creating and analysing reports (view also our Business Intelligence section).

MS Power BI graph example
MS Power BI drag and drop example
Yourdata Dashboard example

Algorithms and advanced statistical analysis techniques are applied to previously normalized and centralized data (internal and external) in order to combine and extract insights in the form of dynamic dashboards. Work with advanced analytic techniques and analyse complexity and uncertainty having a platform to manage and understand the analytic process.

Data Visualization

Dashboards, An Output Of Deeper Analysis