Control Automation

Automation makes your process more efficient. Control your data and send/receive diagnostic and reporting analyses in SMS/Whatsapp/Email notifications highly targeted and aligned with your organisation's strategy, for different levels of management.

Your Own Tailor-Made

Data Office

After its implementation, data centralization serves as a means to enhance the way you use information. We grant you access to a customised Data Office with:


                KPIs and as other performance parameters

                Management notifications and alerts

                Automated decision support system

Dataflow Control Automatin Module
Business notification by SMS with the report link in it

We Work With

AWS Cloud
Microsoft Azure Cloud
IBM Watson Cloud
Google Cloud
KPI definition Startegy Tactical Measure

Strategy, Goals

and Direction

Control Automation

Business rules are incopored, Indicators are selected, performance parameters are set and the management direction is designed so that the impact experienced by the incorporation of notifications and the creation of automatic reports is maximised and causes a disruption in the irregular manual systems you currently have in place.

Automation Decision making systems

Taylor made automations are programmed, adapted and developed from the best available in each main cloud providers, without lock-in. Implementation of instruments, workflows and decision-making systems, integrated with the databases. What, Who, When, Why and Where are the only information we need. 

Control Automation

Automation and

Decision-Making Systems