What we do,

Why we do it.

About Us

We make it possible for Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to becoming inspiring ways of connecting skills and knowledge around businesses and purposes.

YOURDATA utilises Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions to enhance its business model and help SMEs innovate the way in which they process their business data. Our work becomes your company's DATA OFFICE.


In a context with more and more data and the perception that the GAP between data access and ability to apply insights is increasing, we assembled a team that developed a data analysis process focused in delivering the automation of decision making and insights' extraction to make it possible for SME to extract value from their data.

Our Clients.

SMEs with turnover of over one million euros.

Technological, Business consultants and TELCOs with BPO services.

Our Competitors.

BI & Analytics Platforms (Microsoft, Tableau, Qlikview...) but with this approach a skill set is required and Business Analytics consulting companies (Deloitte, Accenture...) which are expensive. Even ERP companies have BI/reporting solutions but they are expensive, restrict to only ERP data and don't allow predictive analytics with external data.

Yourdata feel the gap between information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and decision making. That’s the main reason why we work with all of them, in this resegmented market, more as partners than competitors.

We believe that the power of information together with human knowledge is a formula for the best result.

To make Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence accessible to all organisations, ensuring that teams are aligned with their company's objectives and that they enjoy their work, all the while increasing business profitability.

We connect people and skills.

We process information and deliver knowledge that accelerates the interpretation of businesses, turning data into decisions. A Data Office for SMEs.



To innovate by allowing SMEs to access and connect information, bringing each individual person's knowledge to the service of the entire business.

To treat Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence as inspiring ways of connecting skills and knowledge around businesses.