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Dataflow is a data analysis suite that enables descriptive and predictive analytics with automation features, such as management notifications by email or SMS

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Business Intelligence project
Reporting project
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Business Intelligence project
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Business Intelligence project
Reporting project
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Business Cases

Put together data from different sources. A project where data from ERP and software to management fleet of a commercial company to find, besides the profitability of their routes, the profitability of each of their vehicles in their fleet.

Data Centralization

Taking in action external data sources, we may include external data, from many kind, to better  explain data variatiions and create better predictive models. Machine Learning and computing capacity will take care and process all this data to resume it in a alghoritm that helps, for instance, an hotel to base their prices in  the historical and expected accomodation rate and number of arrival flights for their region.

External Data

Adopt automatic corrections on your data. Avoid error data and duplications. Get cleaned data and univocal values ​​to make filters on your analysis by correct all the writing mistakes on your database. Fill all the missing values for the purpose of analyzing your data.

Data Normalization

Many are the cases that control automation helps companies. Examples like receive an SMS everytime a product reference hits a gross margin minimum, or send an SMS to each of the salesman to notify them when 50% of the objective for this month is met. Send pre-schedule dashboards in a regular basis or anytime that some indicator hit some value.

Control Automation

Gain flexibility, speed and mobility in your reports. In all the SME we work with managers have many last minute analysis and want adaptable reports almost client to client and remote access to this reports. Once the data relationships are created with a drag and drop process of reporting you no longer have to wait.

Data Visualization

Put together data from different sources. Connect accounting software with a traditional budget excel file to see, updated everyday, by each aggregate or disaggregated account which are the ones that are 50%,, 75%, 90% or over budget. With automation control the CFO of this company get a notification by SMS whenever an over budget happens,

Data Centralization

In a context of seasonal businesses is important to optimize stocks so there are no disruptions and the investment made. A predictive model based is a statiscian method helps to indicate the quantity to buy for a variable period of time. With data vizualization you may easly compare historic prices for each supplier.

Advanced Analysis

A transportation company give daily acces to his drivers to a dashboard where they can see the cheapest fuel station in each region or county, every day, and fuel the trucks.

External Data