Centralising data from different sources and formats in one compiling layer and in a single flow is the first step toward greater efficiency in work processes.

Data Centralization

Whether eligible data is stored in different systems or not, the Data Centralizer allows for centralised viewing, with complete privacy and security:

Data Encryption
Access Control
Compliance with the GDPR

Infrastructure Transformation

Out of all the possible solutions for collecting and storing structured and unstructured data, we apply the one that meets each client's security and privacy needs, as well as the economic, scalability and computational efficiency requirements for the desired work processes.

Data warehousing for adding products or modules

The final solution comes in the form of a data warehouse with all the technical requirements for adding YOURDATA or third-party products or modules for whichever purpose – be it a standard or custom-developed solution. YOURDATA uses Normalizer and Analyzer for data analysis and knowledge extraction.