Data analytics and descriptive and predictive knowledge, obtained through a data flow that adds the capability to successfully include best data mining, algorithm and advanced statistics techniques, providing a simplified representation through intuitive graphics and images.

Predictive Analytics

Related products, forecasts, behaviour analyses or sentiment analyses are examples of analyses that result from the application of advanced statistics and data analysis techniques, that can be grouped into:


Data Pre-Processing

Techniques used to improve the quality of data at the same time as improving its suitability for specific algorithms and data mining techniques. Integration, sampling, balancing, cleaning, dimensionality reduction and data transformation all form part of preparation tasks that are technically essential for the extraction of the best knowledge from the data.

Data Analytics and Advanced Statistics

Algorithms and advanced statistical analysis techniques are applied to previously Normalized data in order to extract information in the form of dynamic reports that support tactical and strategic decision-making. The techniques applied vary depending on the nature of the data, as well as the size of the databases.