Self Service BI

The objective is to aggregate and link data, deepen your knowledge and empower you with autonomy and speed of interpretation when accessing descriptive analyses.

Autonomy when Working with Data

Custom-designed dashboards whereby autonomy allows you to edit, add and create new data views, such as:

Commercial Data
Financial Data
Production Data
Logistics Data
Human Resource Data
Software we work with

Dashboards and Ad Hoc Reports

We independently create analyses which attend to your specific needs and, thereby, provide you with a new capability for connecting your data and performing other relevant processes. In addition, dashboards can easily be adapted. So the self-service features provide a greater level of flexibility and interactivity when creating and analysing reports.

Integrated Databases

For more permanent solutions, that provide greater potential and work efficiency, the connection between existing data and Dashboard output is guaranteed through the normalization and integration of databases. Several databases can be used, deriving from different sources, such as: ERPs, CRMs, websites, social networks, accountancy software, Excel documents, fleet management software, input management software, etc. This option for integration allows you to continuously and simultaneously maximise the new capability of connecting, viewing and learning about your data.